Mastercard Travel Cards - Currency Conversion Calculator

Our Currency Conversion Calculator allows you to check the foreign exchange rate if spending in a different currency when using a Mastercard Prepaid Travel Card. Variance from the European Central Bank rate will be included where applicable.

Currency you want to spend

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Currency held on your card


Enter card Conversion fee(if applicable)

Exchange rate by date

Remember that an exchange rate only applies if you spend in a currency you do not hold on your card e.g. if you load Euros to spend in France, no exchange rate or foreign exchange fee will apply.

Compare Exchange Rate

European Central Bank rate
1 {{ctrl.model.TransactionCurrency}} = {{ctrl.ECBReferenceRate}} {{ctrl.model.BillingCurrency}}

% Difference between both rates:
{{ctrl.PercentageDifferenceRate}} %

**Conversion fee- please visit the website on the back of your card. The currency conversion fee will be clearly stated within the fees and limits table and card FAQ.